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We are so happy with our wedding photos! Gary met with us months before the Big Day to discuss exactly what we wanted. At our request, Gary took a mixture of posed shots with the family and natural shots throughout the day. The album is of excellent quality too. Rachel Farrar.

50 Wedding Images

50 photographs that reflect my style as a wedding photographer and which is the way i shoot every wedding. The real moments & emotions which you may have never even known took place. That’s the beauty of documenting a wedding. So I’ll be there in the background observing those candid moments as they develop without posing, interfering and delaying the natural flow of events.

The one thing nearly every couple says – “I hate having my photo taken.” If you feel the same then documenting your wedding in the most natural way possible is the way to go. You can look your best when captured naturally. No posing, no awkward cheesy smile. How do i accomplish this – I use 20 years of experience since completing my Post Graduate diploma in Photojournalism and in this time I have shot hundereds of weddings.

Off course, wedding photography is more than just a collection of photographs. In my blog you can find complete wedding stories telling the wedding day in a series of pictures.

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bride arrives at church for the wedding ceremony

For me, this is the perfect example of a group shot. The secret, to keep the photo as natural as possible. Get the girls to enjoy the moment, share a joke and to interact with each other. Bingo – you have a beautiful image that doesn’t look to formal. 

A perfect example of good documentary photography and how it can be used to capture the most memorable photograph. It’s all about anticipating the moment in this image and its a lovely natural moment between mother and daughter as they arrive at the church.