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Enjoy the day & excitement with loved ones. I’ll capture it all









About Me

Now that’s very natural. I come from a background in documentary photography so what better way than to approach a wedding in the style I was taught and love. Candid – creative is what I call it. I love observing people. 

Inspiration comes from movies and National Geographic. I work 90%  of the time in a documentary style, just natural photographs which are ideal to tell the story of your day. I do my upmost to blend in, be a guest and walk away with moments that maybe you never knew took place.

Believe me, the day will fly by. Spend the time with family and friends and I’ll capture the fun, emotions, tears and the crazy dancing of your wedding.


My Goal

Although photo’s are important, what is more important to me is that you spend time with family & loved ones, and especially your new soulmate. Believe me, the day flies by.

If you’re looking for a photographer to simply capture your day, and that’s it, or want prefectly presented emails and business chat We may not be the best fit, and that’s fine.

However, if you’re looking for a photographer who can give you hints, tips and advice, provide value and experience on your day, then we may just be the perfect match