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And how I capture your wedding day. Honestly, every wedding is unique and slighlty different. What remains the same is my approach. It may vary slightly depending on the couple, the venue and of course the weather

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To sum up my photography, I don’t really like to pigeon hole my style. It’s progressed through years of experience but based on an approach that is very close to my heart. It’s a touch of documentary and stylish editorial. With years of experience in documentary photography it’s at the forefront of every wedding, very natural, modern yet relaxed… capturing your wedding day in a storytelling style.

I’ll capture every little moment, the laughter, smiles and tears and those moments you never even knew took place. This is what I love to do, create beautiful emotive timeless images captured in the most natural way possible with little or no interuption.

Storytelling photography allows me to blend in with your family and guests…you’ll probably never know i’m there. I’ll take charge during the group photo’s to ensure the are captured quickly so you can enjoy your wedding day with family and friends. And that’s how it should be. IT’S YOUR DAY.


It’s all about you and your day. It revolves around family and friends, many you may not have seen for years. Nothing is staged simply for a good photo. I’m there to capture the day as it unfolds. The best photographs are those captured in the moment, your smile as you walk up the ailse, the laughter of the best mans speech and the tears from the fathers speech.

Experience lets me know when to stand back and be unobtrusive. I appreciate how important it is to get specific images, grandma in her new outfit. What interests me is the photograph of her enjoing the day, laughing at someones joke. Those spontaneous moments that you can’t repeat.


This is your day, take the time to enjoy it. It goes by so incredibly fast. We all want photographs of family members looking their best, but I also want you to spend time with family and friends. Family shots are an integral part of every wedding. If your day is to be filled with endless combinations of group photo’s then i’m probably not the right photographer for you. Get the pictures, spend 20 minutes and get back to the party.

luxury wedding photography - bride and bridesmaid portrait

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If you like my style of wedding photography then please do get in touch to see if I have your date available. Rest assured you’ll be in safe hands. Relax and enjoy your wedding day.

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whitby wedding photography

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