Expanse Hotel Wedding – Julie & Aiden

expanse hotel wedding

Expanse hotel Wedding was the venue for Julie and Aiden’s Wedding in Bridlington. The hotel itself sits on the actual seafront and offers great panoramic views of the coastline. Julie and Aiden actually flew over from New York where they now live. Julie’s family actually live in Texas and the wedding was to take place in Aiden’s home town. Julie and Aiden decided they would have two photographers covering their big day which is a great advantage as every possible angle is covered throughout the day. So i had the privilage of covering Julie and the girls getting ready at The Expanse Hotel, while Ian Clark headed over to Aiden’s parents house to shoot the guys getting ready. With the girls dressed and ready a good 2 hours before the ceremony i took the opportunity to gather them all along the seafront. The weather was perfect and all the girls simply looked amazing.

Once the pictures of the girls were done, i headed over to the church. The Ceremony was held at Our lady and St Peter’s Church in the heart of the town. With myself photographing from the front of the church, and Ian at the rear we covered all possible angles as Julie, her father and the girls made their entrance. With this been a Roman Catholic ceremony we were given the freedom shoot from every location. Once the ceremony and the group photo’s were all completed the entire party headed back to the Expanse Hotel for drinks. The Promenade outside the hotel was perfect for the group photos and Julie and Aiden made this part of the day fun. Both Ian and I photographed the bridal party and off course pictures of the happy couple before the start of the evenings celebrations.Once the first dance was completed, Ian headed back for the long drive back to Cheshire and i headed home shortly after once Julie danced with her Father.

If you are planning on getting married at the Expanse hotel and are looking for a wedding photographer to capture your day then please do get in touch.

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