Crossbutts Wedding Photography – Freya & Chris

A wedding at Crosssbutts Stables can produce some really stunning photography. It can also be a little difficult with low light and a combination of mixed light sources. Freya and Chris’s wedding was both fun and challenging. Overcoming such things is what makes it so exciting to be a wedding photographer and the rewards are well worth the extra effort.

Freya & Chris wanted very little direction on their day and wanted the documentary style wedding photography i love doing.

A Crossbutts Wedding

Over the years, i have lost count how many weddings iv’e photographed at the Stables. There is always a great ambience and atmosphere and this venue. For Freya & Chris’s wedding i was only covering a small part of their day. When everything falls into place its amazing just how many photographs you can walk away with with even just with a few hours coverage. Thats the beauty of documentary wedding photography, it never holds up the flow of a wedding and allows me to capture the days as it unfolds. Its also the perfect approach if you are a little camera shy.

Would you like your Crossbutts wedding photography to be captured in this style.

If so, then do check out some other areas of my website. Also, scroll down to see just how i captured Freya and Chris’s day at Crossbutts. The following photo’s are just a tiny reflection of their day but should give you some insight into how work, my style and approach to each and every wedding.

groom at crossbutts stables awaiting the start of the ceremony

flowergirls waiting for the brides arrival at crossbutts

bride and father arriving for the wedding

bride arrives at crossbutts for her wedding day

bride and father at the stables in whitby

groom and best man waiting for the brides arrival

bride and father entering crossbutts for the wedding ceremony

groom seeing his bride for the very first time at crossbutts stables

an emotional mother of the bride

bride and groom during the official ceremony

page boy at crossbutts stables during the wedding ceremony

bride and an emotional groom at the stables in whitby

page boy during the wedding vows at crossbutts stables, whitby

officially husband and wife at the stables

grooms mother during the wedding vows

best man during the wedding vows at crossbutts

bride and groom signing of the regsiter at crossbutts stables in whitby

a tender moment between the bride and groom at the stables in whitby

page boy during the wedding at crossbutts

leaving the wedding ceremony as husband and wife



bride and groom share a kiss at crossbutts

portrait of the bride & groom at crossbutts stables in whitby

page boy helping the bride with her dress

flowergirl at crossbutts

confetti photo at the stables with the bride and groom

bride and groom and a shower of confetti at crossbutts

crossbutts wedding photography - bridal portrait in the gardens of crossbutts stables in whitby

bride and groom portrait in the grounds of crossbutts stables in whitby

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